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Upcoming Growth in Sarjapur Road


Why is location‘s to be wisely decided or chosen?

Upcoming Growth in Sarjapur Road

Yes!! Knowing much about the location is a great thing we could do in any property buying. Because whomever the builder and how much ever the amenities been provided. The location is the primary factor that decides the value of the property. The property could be designed by leading developers and loaded with the best facilities however if the location is not promising it would be difficult to sell and the resale value also will not be up to the expectation or fair.

How to decide the location while buying a property?

So if you are looking to buy a property first be keen on fixing the location. It would be better if you go for locations which are close to your workplace or your family members educational institutes or workplace to reduce the travel time. At the same time, the location has to be pretty strong in its infrastructure and connectivity.

Today let’s discuss the area preferred and the topmost area for real estate projects. It’s Sarjapur Road.

What are the Upcoming Growth of Sarjapur Road:

  • The area is located in the Eastern part of Bangalore
  • Sarjapur Road is the most rapidly growing region in the city
  • This region comes under the suburb of Eastern Bangalore
  • The area is well developed with prosperous infrastructure and connectedness
  • Sarjapur Road is most known for its IT corridor. The area has 3rd largest IT hub in the city
  • Sarjapur Road has excellent reputed schools, healthcare centres and shopping and gaming arenas in the locality
  • The area is well associated with its fine connecting roads.
  • The proposed metro train development is another added perk for this locality. Once this metro service been launched there would be simpler connectivity between other areas to here
  • There are many more IT and other industrial development coming up which would create some more million job opportunities in this Sarjapur Road
  • This is a unique area where there is a great demand for both residential and commercial space since the Sarjapur Road region has a wide range of large vast areas to craft any type of huge project.
  • Infosys Sarjapur Campus is another upcoming development that is going to create millions of employment opportunities

Let’s go ahead and review the phenomenal property in Sarjapur Road which has got abundant development.

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat

This is an upcoming property in Sarjapur Road which is developed on 4 acres land parcel with 2 and 3 BHK homes. There are 350+ units on Godrej Park Retreat which are tailored with the best quality, spacious rooms, and designs. Godrej Park Retreat architecture is quite impressive with contemporary designs that are designed by leading experts in the industry. The spacing of the property is also well handled by the developer Godrej Properties. Hence this eminent property is designed to have no wastage of space.

As the planning is flawless, the Godrej Woodscapes units are well lit and receive a good amount of fresh air. The amenities are super cosy and innovative. There are about 25+ facilities in the Godrej Park Retreat that we could relish throughout our lifetime for their luxury, comfort and convenience.

The property’s RERA is yet to be received. Once received the launch date would be confirmed. The possession is expected to be completed by October 2024. The sizes of the Godrej Park Retreat range from 600sqft to 625sqft and extends from 950sqft to 991sqft and 1200sqft to 1300sqft.

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