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Do you want to know the future value of Sarjapur Road near Whitefield?


As we all know the life is unpredictable. Due to the bad hit of the pandemic, many have realized this and has started earnestly investing to safeguard their future. And the foremost investment type been done is property investments. We too would agree would it as these carry a lot of benefits.

However, investing should be done in a wise place to yield good returns. Though there are many edges in the city there are only some areas that are glazing with its predominance. One such area is East Bangalore. And to be more precise in East Bangalore there are 2 major areas which are the top 2 most sought areas in the city for residential purposes.

Do you want to know the future value of Sarjapur Road near Whitefield?

Whitefield is a place which is located in the Eastern part of the city which is about 20+kms from the city. Nevertheless, this suburb pleases us with finest framework which has the best-reputed schools, world-class healthcare centres, shopping malls, entertainment hubs and a large IT corridor. As the area is pretty far from the city the essential industries in this suburb has been well defined so that we do not have to step out of the Whitefield for any reason.

Sarjapur Road is another phenomenal area that is located just a few km away from the Whitefield region. This area also has amazing features such as an IT hub, excellent infrastructure and seamless connectivity.

The area is pretty demanding in the real estate market for its richness in all aspects. The appreciation of lands in this area is growing high as there is rapid development in this area and in turn there is a surging demand. The proposed developments like Metro services, Infosys Headquarters and many other upcoming developments would intensify the growth. The future value of Sarjapur Road would be inflating as of today for the above-mentioned reasons. And the unique strength of Sarjapur Road is the large availability of large land extents.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the best property located at Sarjapur Road which is also near Whitefield.

Godrej Woodscapes:

Godrej Woodscapes

Godrej Woodscapes is a fabulous forest-themed township project on Budigere Cross, East Bangalore. Set on 28 acres, Godrej Properties' project has 2,400 units available in 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 BHK sizes. Each of its 7 towers has 39 stories. Budigere Main Road serves as the project's primary entry point. The apartments range from 1198 sq. ft. to 2900 sq. ft. and start at Rs. 1.29 Cr. Godrej Woodscapes is expected to launch in 2024 and be in possession in 2029.

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Woodscapes

This is a 4 acres property which is been developed by Godrej Properties. This upcoming Godrej Park Retreat has been designed with 4+ acres land area with 2 and 3 BHK homes. There are 800+ units in this elegant property which are pretty copious and luxurious. Godrej Woodscapes designs are stunning with modern contemporary architecture. The designs have been exclusively done by leading experts in the industry. And this makes all the units receive ample natural light and fresh air.

The Godrej Park Retreat spacing is also well handled by the Godrej Properties. Thus this property is terrific with no wastage of space. This property is designed with futuristic ideas to offer a great lifestyle, and comfort, safety, luxury and convenience to their valuable home buyers and investors. There are about 20+ innovative and effective amenities in this Godrej Woodscapes. The pricing of this property is also well reasonably priced by the developer.

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